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Available Health Services for women at AHRN

The group has gained the trust and confidence of their peers in greater Lashio, Shan State. It has been part, although as a separate entity, of the ongoing activities of the Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN) operations in Northern Shan and Kachin State as well as Sagaing Division.

Activities & News


AHRN organized ART knowledge sharing session in Kachin State 

World TB Day

Training on Harm reduction and HIV for community members was conducted at Tar Mong Long Village

Health Education session on Methadone Maintenance Therapy was conducted on 11, February at Seng Taung (Hme Kha) MMT-ART DIC.

မူးယစ်ဆေးအစားထိုးကုသမှု မက်သာဒုန်း အကြောင်း သိကောင်းစရာ

Exciting Annual AHRN Leadership Meeting!

Today, December 1, is the International World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day – A Patient Pespective.

Exciting! Today is the ‘5th Annual NSATM Owners……………..

AHRN is proud to support the Myanmar Prison Department in Health care service delivery for inmates and staff.

“Virtual training on Counseling”

Basic virtual Harm Reduction Training for Community Prevention Worker (CPW)


Implementation of Harm Reduction Boat in Mawlaik

2020 Lashio Awareness raising activity on OD(OverDose) day

Opening of the MMT-ART clinic in Tigyaing in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sport

World Hepatitis Day! with theme: “Find the Missing Millions”

Advocacy Meeting and Opening Ceremony of Drop-in-Center in Mawlaik Township

Advocacy Meeting at Ayemyartharyar Quarter office, Hpakant

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