ART Provision to PWID/PWUD on MMT


To address enhanced access to ART for PWID/PWUD on MMT, ART services in existing Drug Treatment Centers/MMT clinics, implemented by MoHS.

It is implemented based on the following assumptions:

  1. The chaotic life style of PWIDs/PWUDs (including the focus on drug seeking behavior) has been a major challenge for them for treatment adherence especially ART which needs a life long commitment on drug adherence.
  2. ART treatment was found to be successful if attached to the long term substitution treatment (e.g. MMT) where they presume the stable life style and also commit for drug adherence.
  3. In all this MoHS run MMT clinics dispense Methadone every day. The client has to come every morning for their “cup of Methadone” so as to avoid withdrawal. This ART proposal is based on the ART treatment in attached to MMT clinic hence the adherence is confirmed.