Counseling and Psycho-Social Support

Counseling and Psycho-Social Support:

PWID/ PWUD and their Family & Partners are provided counseling services like HTC, HIV counseling (Positive living), Family & Partners counseling (lose and grieve, bereavement), Drug Counseling, MMT Counseling, TB Counseling etc.

Activities Include:

  • Treatment adherence support
  • Psycho-social support
  • Counseling support
  • HTC for PWID and the Bridge Populations ( PWUD, F&Ps,…)
  • Funeral support for deceased clients

Funeral Support:

The deceased clients’ final journey from this world is supported by arranging funeral support, making rituals based on the religion of the deceased client as a token of a so called “decent death” which every human being wishes for…and drug users are also “human beings”!