Community Based Outreach Activities

The AHRN team employs a model of “making contact with client” which is conducive to the context and nature of drug use in selected project sites. The Outreach Team visit all designated areas and designated target group in a pair. Every morning at 9:30 am the outreach team goes to their sites and outreach contact points by motorbike and they come back at 03:00 pm. Sometimes these hours might change depending on the needs. Since the DIC/OPO is opened from Monday to Friday, outreach work is also organized five days a week. After coming back to the DIC/OPO, reports and field notes are inputted onto the computer and at the end of the day a briefing meeting gathers feedback and discusses field related problems. AHRN-Myanmar aims to achieve the following NSEP activities:

  • Providing risk reduction supplies (needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, distilled water) & IEC materials for/and discussion on reducing injection risks for HIV and hepatitis infection;
  • Integrating safer sex practices and dissemination of condoms (upon request) in the NSEP programs;
  • Exchanging used needles and syringes for sterile needle and syringes on a good practice basis (e.g. safe collection of used N/S);
  • Making the community as safe as possible through the collection of discarded and safe disposal of non sterile,used injection equipment.

Outreach is an entry point for the clients for the access to the Treatment. Outreach workers refer the clients met in Outreach to DIC for further treatment, care and support services.