World TB Day 2019



World TB Day 2019

Tomorrow is ‘World TB Day 2019’, with the theme: ‘It’s time’ – calling for the global leaders to urgent scale up access to tuberculosis prevention and treatment.

In the mean time AHRN act locally, with increasing TB response in our clinics, among our clients, people who use or inject drugs, their loved ones, families, as well as in prisons and in the wider communities in the most remote hard-to-reach conflict, mining and border areas in Northern Myanmar’s Kachin, Shan and Sagaing.

During 2018 all our acting paid off: AHRN screened 26,021 people, among others through three mobile TB Active Case Finding teams with portable digital X-ray machine. A mere 1,046 people were diagnosed with TB and reported to the national surveillance system, with an average 78% treatment success rate, while ACF treatment (great) success rate under very remote and challenging conditions was 90% (!).

Thanks so much all AHRN field staff and Community Health Workers for these extraordinary life-saving TB control efforts!