Commemorating World Hepatitis Day 2017



World Hepatitis Day
Eliminate Hepatitis – #Make Injections Safe

Viral hepatitis kills 1.34 million men, women and children per year – comparable to HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. #ShowYourFace to eliminate this global killer.

In Myanmar where drug use is endemic, the Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN) runs comprehensive harm reduction programs including HBV screening and vaccination. People who use drugs receive health education about hepatitis and how to protect their liver. If willing, they are referred to the clinics for HBV and/or HIV screening. When HBV negative, they are vaccinated with accelerated vaccination schedule – day 1, 7 and 21.

In 2016, AHRN clinics did 5992 screenings and 634 (11%) were HBV positive, only 8% of those eligible refused vaccination.

Very High uptake! Reason?

People who use drugs want to be healthy and take care of their health if given the opportunity. Our support through outreach helps, transport incentives, accelerated vaccination schedule and follow-up were effective components in increased uptake HBV screening and vaccination..

Harm Reduction makes good health economics sense!