AHRN celebrates 4th anniversary of opening Drop-in-Center in Selzinn (Kachin State).

By AHRN IT — In Activities — 13/09/2017



AHRN celebrates the 4th anniversary of operating its Drop-in-Center in Selzinn, Hpakant Township, Kachin State. AHRN provides most needed Harm Reduction and Health care services to more than 2000 PWID/PWUD per year.
AHRN would not have achieved it, without the active participation of the beneficiaries, our clients who continue to support their peers and us in the harm reduction activities.
Our clients and peers in Selzinn are proving the slogan, “Nothing about us, without us” which AHRN embraces. Without the direct participation of people who use drugs little can be achieved in a meaningful way.
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